Agustin Oendari is a singer and song-writer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She found herself in arts since she was a little kid. It was all started with piano, guitar and even painting. From there, Agustin Oendari has been creating innovative and unique songs ever since then.

Agustin Oendari has made a name for herself as a song-writer

by creating dynamic and engaging soundtracks for films, such as

"Selamat Pagi Malam" (In The Absence of The Sun, 2014). She also performed her original compositions for “Galih Dan Ratna” (2017) and is also known for her song “Lagu Untuk Mama”, the one that she composed for the popular Ernest Prakasa's “Susah Sinyal” (2017).

Agustin Oendari, who is also a vocal arranger and vocal director, has collaborated with many notable performers, arrangers, and producers,

such as Titiek Puspa, Momo Geisha, Sheryl Sheinafia, Andi Rianto,

and Steve Lillywhite.

The experience she had from all the projects she contributed in

have shaped the musical style she is now comfortable with, where listeners can immediately connect and resonate with her melodic approach

and thought-provoking soundscapes.

Now actively working on music productions and managing

a newly growing independent record label, you would always find her at ROEMAHIPONK Music Studio, Karawaci, while she is listening to good music, writing down ideas, or surviving the day with cups of coffee!

Find out more and Listen to Oendari's work:

Agustin Oendari on Spotify / @oendari on Instagram.




December 14, 2018

Selamat Pagi Malam, the long-lost single has returned, it is now available in all digital streaming platforms.

The lyric video is also out on YouTube:



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